Working Papers

  1. Democratic Backsliding, Opposition Response, and Voter Behavior: Evidence from Media Capture in Hungary

  2. Does Social Media Advertising Harm Democracies? Targeted Advertising and Electoral Competition in Europe

  3. Local Political Responsiveness to Electoral Pressures on Corruption: Evidence from a Referendum in Colombia (MA Thesis)

Works in Progress

  1. Local Government as Shelter for Opposition in Democratic Backsliding. With Anna Grzymala-Busse (Stanford)

  2. Legacies of Authoritarian Resistance and Present-day Democratic Resilience in Poland. With Monika Nalepa (UChicago)

  3. Populism and Corruption: A Lab-in-the-field Experiment at the US-Mexico Border. With Beatriz Magaloni (Stanford), Alberto Diaz-Cayeros (Stanford), Didi Kuo (Stanford), Kim Alexander Juarez-Jensen (Stanford)

  4. The Religious Drivers of Democratic Backsliding: The Evangelical Church in Brazil. With Marc Jacob (Stanford)